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Our Mission

At Synergy (Trading), we believe in the power of the human mind: the power to create, to build, to make things happen.

We live in an exciting new age of innovation, a world in which every unique mind can leave its mark.

As pioneers in alternative research, we at Synergy (Trading) know how powerful an idea can be. And it all begins with… a brain.


Your Brain

Your brain is a network – an intricate system of cells and signals which make you who you are. It makes you think; it makes you move; it makes you connect with the world.

What if you were to hack that network to your advantage? To seize your flow state and tap into that underused grey matter?

Who knows what you might achieve?

What if we told you there is a product which may help you realise your goals? Which may promote neural plasticity and may support your passion and well-being?

Meet the team.

Ash Founder
An innovative business man, a history working in the CBD industry he likes to get his hands on as many projects that he can handle. He has a firm belief that the products offered by Synergy Trading can help better humanity.
Meg General Manager
A hard working and enthuastic key team member with a passion for ethical business practices. Meg has an excellent record for customer relations and a wealth of experience in the nootropic supplement field.
Zan Tech Specialist
Zan is our wonderful technical advisor who often works ungodly hours to fix bugs and give advice where needed.