benefits of ginger

7 mind-blowing benefits of ginger you didn’t know about!

The benefits of ginger and its powerful effect on humans health have already been known in Chinese medicine for centuries. It is no longer just Chinese medicine that believes in the beneficial effects of ginger. In other Asian, Indian, and Arabian regions, medicinal uses of this extraordinary herb have also been known for a long…

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Cognitive Enhancers

What are Cognitive Enhancers?

You may be reading this article because you have heard about cognitive enhancing substances previously and want to learn more. The term ‘cognitive enhancement’ has a slightly positive overtone. Cognitive enhancers stimulate the brain for non-medical reasons. Individuals who choose to take cognitive enhancers usually do it to better themselves further, to gain greater overall…

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Is the war on drugs over?

Is the War on Drugs over?

Nixon and the War on Drugs¬† In June 1971, US President Nixon officially declared a “War on Drugs,” stating that drug abuse was the public enemy number one. The year in which Nixon first announced the fight against drugs worldwide, two congressmen published an investigation into the growing use of heroin among American soldiers. This…

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