What is Lion’s Mane Good For?


Lion’s Mane is a culinary and medicinal mushroom, and like many other edible fungi, they have essential nutrients and important health benefits. However, this particular species of fungus has been extensively studied and is an established candidate for better brain & nerve health and a host of other health benefits; a fact that is interesting […]

Art and LSD: the iconic duo

art and lsd

In a world saturated with art, psychedelics play a large role. It is no secret that many famous artists we inspired by the psychedelic experience. Psychedelics can expand your creative capacity at an unbelievable rate. According to scans of the human brain, when you ingest LSD, areas of your brain communicate that normally wouldn’t. Taking […]

Benefits of Microdosing LSD: Benefits & Challenges

Wanting to try out microdosing psychedelics, but wanting to know about the benefits of microdosing and challenges of this practice? Luckily, the information that is available on microdosing psychedelics is only growing each day. The list of benefits seem to differ from individual to individual. The same goes for the list of challenges. Although the […]

Treating Mental Disorders with Psychedelics

Treating Mental Disorders with Psychedelics

DISCLAIMER: * The objective of this article is specifically for speculation on how we can treat mental disorders with psychedelics. I do not condone or encourage the consumption of any illegal substances. Please be responsible with this information. Thank you.* Millions of people all around the world suffer from mental health issues every single day. […]

Microdosing LSD – The ultimate guide

microdosing lsd

All you need to know before starting your journey to microdosing LSD – The ultimate guide.    ‘LSD is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be’ – A quote by Albert Hoffman, the legendary man who invented LSD. The odds are that you have already heard different uses of […]

Do brain health supplements work?

Brain health supplements

There appears to be a lot of hype around brain health supplements, ‘self-care’ and general wellness. People of all ages and backgrounds seem to be accepting the great importance of not only taking care of yourself, but improving your well-being to the best of your capability. Nowadays, there is a lot of information, practices and […]

Why should you take a ginger root supplement each day?


  Ginger is known to be one of the healthiest spices on the planet. Ginger root is a plant, originally from China, that is widely used as a form of plant medicine. It is loaded with bioactive compounds that hold strong benefits for both your body and brain. Ginger root belongs to the ‘Zingiberaceae’ which […]

How to boost your creativity though microdosing Psychedelics

microdosing for creativity

What are Psychedelics? Psychedelics are a hallucinogenic class of drugs. Some of the most common substances you will hear about during a conversation about Psychedelics are LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline, DMT, and Ayahuasca. When ingested, Psychedelics are known for giving you an intensely unique experience that often consists of auditory and visual hallucinations, a jumbled experience […]