Boosting Creativity

Boost Creativity

A message from Journey to you...

Creativity is a big focus here at Journey if you didn’t already know. We believe in the importance of being creative and how it can benefit you on a deeper level. Whether that is being artistic, inventive, or imaginative. However, staying inspired can be a great obstacle. ‘Inspo’ does not simply come out of thin air! It must be encouraged by the outside world and/or found within yourself. 

In this message, we are going to discuss creativity and different ways you can obtain this mind-state, even when the world gets in your way. Many creators have run into the dreaded issue that is referred to as ‘creative rut’. This is when your mind is having trouble producing original and inventive ideas. This can be insanely frustrating, especially if you are a creator by trade. 

Luckily, there are many ways you can boost your creativity. Here are a few different methods/tips we would like to share with you.

boost creativity

Do not get discouraged.

Tip #1 – and perhaps one of the most crucial tips in our opinion. The importance of this goes beyond all the sections below. Never let yourself get discouraged and never give up on yourself. Everyone gets down and may feel bad about themselves or their creations. Let’s try and understand the ‘creative rut’. Think of a time when you were going through this, or maybe you are currently experiencing this. Now, think back to right before you entered this dreaded state. Analysing the time right before your rut began may give you some insight or answers/pointers on how to prevent this from happening in the future. 

When you are feeling down about your creations and not giving yourself the credit you deserve, it is often reflected on how much power you give your mind to enter the creative state. If you are feeling bad about yourself and the things you are creating, then you are most likely going to feel discouraged, unmotivated, and uninspired. These feelings can become overwhelming and often leak out into multiple other areas of your life, leaving you feeling drained, resulting in a lack of creative ability. 

how it works

Although it is easier said than done, remaining positive and motivated will help you tremendously when keeping those creative juices flowing. However, this is not the only way to do this. You have to actively keep more than one thing in mind when making a true effort. Trust us, it is less exhausting than it sounds! Let’s look at a few other methods to keep open to consideration. 

Naturally Amplifying Your Creativity.

This section holds a lot of fantastic methods to to keep in mind. Not only can these methods help you boost your creativity, but they can also assist you in many other areas of your life simultaneously. Not to mention-these are natural techniques! Meaning all you need is your body and mind. The results can be very impactful. There are many, many practices we could list, however, we are going to focus on a selected few we feel the need to highlight. Below are those few tips, and how they can help you stay creative and happy.

1) Soaking up inspiration from within as well as the outside world.

Self-inspiration is fantastic and can generate a lot of originality. This can be practiced from studying yourself, your thoughts, and emotions. Taking a personal approach to creative project can be very fulfilling. Although there are lots of motivating/inspiring things you can pull from within, it is also important to maintain a balance and look outside of yourself. This can be via spending time in nature, studying some of your favourite albums, or surrounding yourself with inspiring humans and conversations. To get the most out of seeking inspiration, it is helpful to actively look in multiple places instead of being fixated on in the same place. Balance is important in this regard!

2) Staying in touch with your mind and body.

We feel like this is a very overlooked, yet key ingredient to boosting your creativity. When talking about creativity, the majority of the discussion tends to revolves around your mind and mental state. However, have you ever considered how your body affects your creativity? It is no secret that treating your body with respect and looking after your physical health affects your mental-state in a significant way. 

This could be practiced through eating nutritious foods, exercising, playing sports, or any way of staying fit. Another great way to link your physical health to your mental health is by staying in touch with your body. This can be done by partaking in yoga/meditation (or any mindfulness techniques), practicing self-love, or making time for positive affirmations. If you not only keep your body healthy but also introduce practices that keep you in tuned with your body, your mind will flourish and so will your creativity. improve creativity

3) Honouring you and your art.

We hope you take great consideration to this last point. Make sure you are always honouring you and the anything you create. Being extremely hard on yourself will most likely result in you being way too critical of anything you create. Stay in touch with your magnificence and try not to over-analyse your creations. Find beauty and inspiration from your flaws. ‘Flaws’ are a great place to find originality which is beautiful in itself. Nothing you create can ever be created again and this is your superpower. You hold the capability to bring admirable things into existence via your creations. Stay in touch with why you desire to be creative in the first place. Try to focus inward and honour the whole process. It is the least you deserve and it will make the world of a difference. 

All of these things are fantastic methods for remaining creative. However, we challenge you to practice some of these even when you are already feeling very creative. Natural remedies can help you out in a lot of ways. It will do wonders and most likely result in a boost of creativity.

This May Change Your Life And Your Creative Process.

Before we close this message, there is one last method worth bringing up. This is more of a suggestion than a ‘tip’. We’ve gone over how different practices can help you maintain a more creative approach to life. Have you ever thought about boosting your creativity via brain supplements? Let’s briefly surface this topic and how it can enhance your creative game.


Nootropics are a group of brain supplements. These supplements have raised awareness around the world by helping individuals realize how improving brain functions can make your life a lot easier. Nootropics hold a long list of benefits. Some of these supplements are better for creativity than others. However, the overall blanket of benefits most of them share include but are not limited to the following:

Boosted Creativity/Inspiration

Improved Motivation

Enhanced Cognitive Functions

Mood Stabilizing

Increased Productivity

Amplified Focus


Staying focused and motivated can do wonders for the creative process. A lot of ruts come from a deeper place, rather than a lack of inspiration. When you are focused and motivated, you will naturally become more productive. Let’s all be honest-there is not many feelings that can top the feeling of finishing a productive day. It leaves us feeling rather fulfilled and ready to take on new challenges. Nootropics are fantastic for keeping your mental health in check, and your creativity elevated.


Although microdosing is not necessarily categorized in the same slot as Nootropics, they definitely share some creative boosting properties. However, because they are such different supplements, we thought it was appropriate to give them their own sections. Microdosing is the act of ingesting a micro-amount of a psychedelic substance. Although Nootropics and microdosing share many quality benefits when it comes to creativity enhancement, microdosing definitely takes the cake in regards to creativity. Three of the most common motive for those who microdose are improving focus, mood balancing, and amplifying creativity. 

Microdosing is a relatively new practice, however, the results are astounding. If you have looked into the power of psychedelics and the insanely profound effects, it is clear that hallucinogenics hold many of the mind-bending properties behind them when taken in larger dosages. This suggests that taking psychedelic substances in smaller doses also hold great potential for the mind. The great thing about microdosing is that the dosage must be so tiny that there are no psychoactive effects. Meaning you can reap a lot of benefits over time, but without the ‘high’. 

If you are looking to generate a more graceful and effortless creative process, then you may want to give microdosing a try. It may seem a bit crazy, but there is very little risk involved if you live in a place where you can legally microdose and a trusted vendor with an accurate dosage is available to you.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about Microdosing click here

Our Final Thoughts

Something we like to say here at Journey is: Mental health begins with brain health! 

boost creativity

This message is for all creators, whether you are an artist, writer, photographer, etc. This message is for you. This is your life and you deserve to have an attainable creative outlet, whether creating is your trade or hobby. When we take time to amuse our imagination and magnify our originality, the world around and inside of us becomes more purposeful. At Journey, we truly believe in the importance of creating and pushing the limits of our minds. This can keep us in touch with the magic of the world as well as the magic in ourselves. 


We hope that this message was helpful in at least one way or that you can take some inspiration if anything from this message. 

Thank you. We are wishing you ALL the love and Light.


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