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What is performance? By definition, performance is ‘the action or process of performing a task and/or function’. Performance holds many different forms. Most hobbies/job require some degree of performance. Enhancing this aspect seems to be one of the many hot topics on the internet now. Individuals are realising how much easier life can be when their quality of performance is enhanced. With this hot topic arising, there is a demand for new methods in which can upgrade your performance. 

One very effective way to do this is by microdosing psychedelics. Microdosing is the act of ingesting a micro-amount of a psychedelics substances. A micro-dose is so small, there are no psychoactive effects that follow, meaning you will not get ‘high’. Although this practice may seem insignificant, it holds a long list of helpful benefits-one being increased performance.

In this section, we will be looking at who can benefit from microdosing. More specifically, we will be looking at those who can improve their performance via microdosing. Although many people can benefit from an upgrade in their overall performance, we have minimized it to 3 different individuals/lifestyles that specifically reply on performance levels on a tight day-to-day basis. Once we scan over these three different lifestyles, we will go over a few microdosing benefits that can help produce higher volumes of quality performance for each of these lifestyles. 

Business Minds:

Starting with a perhaps obvious lifestyle that can benefit from enhanced performance; business. What does it mean to be business-minded? Of course, this could be interpreted a few different ways. Our interpretation is of this is simply an individual who operates mainly in a business sense. Whether they are talking business or life, they have a similar and calculated approach. Someone who’s thought process has business on its front line. A person who integrates and embraces business in many aspects of their life. 

 They act fast on an opportunity and have the know-how on growing projects. These individuals really mean ‘business’. They work hard and do not settle for less than what their original goals are. They are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams and are constantly setting new goals along the way. For these individuals, the push never stops. Whether they own a large or small company, similar approaches will be found in the business they conduct. The world needs these business-minded individuals as their decision-making process is very unique and logical. 

Their lifestyle never allows them to slow down. This means they are always looking for new methods to keep their business minds in check, sharp, and on the mark. Boost productivity


Not only business-minded individuals rely on their performance levels to do well. Students also live a life that requires a lot of focus and concentration. With many due-dates and non-stop deadlines, those in academics are to be highlighted in this ‘for who’ section. When you devote your time to study, there can be a lot of pressure. When there is a lot of pressure, concentration can escape your mind and get in the way of your performance levels. 

With the academic system being flawed in many ways, it is too easy for the performance of students to suffer. With the constant flow of new information flooding their lives, these individuals never seem to get a break! Their get-it-done lifestyle can really take a toll if they are not on their A-game. And who can always be on their A-game 24/7? Students are some kind of superheroes in our eyes. It takes a lot of performance optimization to get through school, especially if you are attending school for many years on end.

Students require some of the highest levels of focus/concentration in order to maintain quality performance to finish their schooling. 


These individuals are a different breed completely, in a good way. An entrepreneur is a person who sets up one or more businesses while taking financial risks in the hopes of success. When they see potential in a market, they act fast with the motive of coming out on top. These individuals have a deep understanding of growth and how to orchestrate the process of it. It is not an easy task, yet they seem to have a mindset that allows them to succeed.


They live with a daring approach to business and do not hesitate to take action when they see opportunity. As they are intentionally courageous, they know their actions/decisions are what will make or break a plan/deal. With the high-paced life of the entrepreneur, a lot of high-performance attitude must take place. A lot of different things go into being an entrepreneur, from taking/managing risks, self-promotion, planning ahead, etc… These are all key aspects, however, you will not get very far as an entrepreneur unless you hold an elevated amount of performance in your day-to-day life.

These individuals are fear-less without being reckless. They think in a rather calculated manner and act with intelligence.

How To Upgrade Performance & Productivity

All of these individuals have one thing in common: they all live a fast-paced lifestyle. With a fast-paced life, your performance and productivity play a vital role. We know that all of these individuals require high-performance attitudes, but how does microdosing play into all of this?

Although mircodosing holds a long list of benefits, one of the most common reasons individuals choose to microdose is to improve their performance. There are a few ways microdosing psychedelics can do its ‘magic’ and enhance the above lifestyles. Let’s discuss exactly how it can do this.


Alongside performance, productivity plays an important role in such lifestyles. Without practicing proper productivity, your performance could be suffering greatly. Productivity is the amount of efficiency a person obtains while completing a task. It is often assumed that productivity simply means getting a larger amount of tasks completed each day. However, this is incorrect. Productivity is completing important tasks more consistently and efficiently. 

Microdosing is an extremely effective tool for this. Sticking to a microdosing schedule can significantly improve your brain function. When your brain is functioning at its highest, it leaks out into all aspects of your life. One area that it leaks into is productivity. Microdosing can assist you in coming to a crystal clear view of more critical priorities and decisions. Prioritizing plays a big part in productivity. When our true priorities become the focal point in our minds, our performance and productivity can truly expand and thrive.


A nearly inevitable benefit individuals often experience from microdosing is intensified motivation. Microdosing can really give you that ‘get it done’ attitude that can be difficult to naturally produce at times. This is extremely beneficial to those looking to amplify potential. Motivation can come from many different things. It can be self-produced or found in people/things around us. When we feel motivated by whatever it is we are doing, we are more likely to excel in it. This means the feeling of motivation we can reach with microdosing can also result in a higher level of performance.

Although providing your own motivation consistently is very impressive, there is no shame in needing a little help along the way from time to time. Microdosing can be exactly what you need to spark that bit of motivation that already lives inside of us. 

One of the nice things about microdosing is that you can pick it up and put it down whenever you please. There are no ‘rules’ to microdosing. You can do it consistently for a year or only do it for one week of the year. It is totally up to you and what you need out of your microdosing Journey. Staying motivated is key when staying on the right path that will lead you to success. Motivation is a must and is without a doubt obtainable for anyone. 


Neuroplasticity is the neural networks ability to change through growth and reorganization. These changes in the brain range from individual neurons making new connections, to systematic adjustments and remapping. Fine examples of neuroplasticity are network/circuit changes that result from learning something new, environmental influences, practices, etc… But what does this have to do with increasing performance?

When we are younger, our neuroplastic ability is at an all-time high. However, as we age, our neuroplasticity slows down. This is why children have more capability to learn and absorb new information, whilst learning new things becomes more difficult with age. Increasing your neuroplasticity as an adult means you will find it easier to learn new things and put those things into practice. This is particularly beneficial to a student, however, we can all benefit from enhanced neuroplastic abilities.

Using larger dosages of psychedelics, such as LSD, has been shown through brain scans to drastically improve neuroplasticity in the brain. This strongly suggests that similar benefits can be reaped by taking micro-amounts of psychedelics overtime. So far, there are no brain scans to show to physical effects of microdosing on the brain, however, the reports from individuals and few studies that have been confuted are very promising.


This last benefit covers a specific key to inflate the quality of your performance. Focus is a great ‘umbrella’ to end with as it equally covers all ‘types’ of individuals that are looking to boost their performance. When we discuss ‘focus’, it does not simply mean maintaining concentration on one specific thing or task. It can also mean focusing on the end goal. By setting goals and focusing on them, a person will be able to keep the same goal without getting lost in the process. Their focal point remains clear as they work towards their goals. 

Although there are many ways you can obtain general focus like meditation, exercise, a good sleep schedule… an interesting alternative or addition to maintaining focused is microdsoing. Gaining heightened focus is an amazing benefit one can get from microdosing that you cannot ignore. Introducing microdosing into your life can provide some new-found clarity. If taken in the morning, as suggested, a single microdose can clear up classic ‘morning brain fog’ more efficiently than coffee, some say. When you have the tools to dissolve brain fog and boost clarity, the results are remarkable.

Although the results of microdosing differ from person to person, focus seems to be one of the most consistently noted benefits. 

Our Final Thoughts

Something we like to say here at Journey is: Mental health begins with brain health! 

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As you can tell from the text above, there are multiple ways microdosing can assist you in strengthening your performance. Whether you fall under any ‘category’ above, microdosing will most likely upgrade your career/lifestyle when it comes to how well you perform in life. When we improve/optimize these areas of our lives, we can really start gaining momentum towards our goals.

There has been a lot of negativity attached to the usage of psychedelics, however, it is beyond overdue that they receive the credit they deserve. It is a total myth that those who use psychedelics cannot be high functioning members of society. In fact, on the contrary, when we use psychedelics with responsibility is can create even higher functioning members of society. We 100% believe that microdosing has the power to help you unlock your full potential.

Thank you. We are wishing you ALL the love and Light.


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