All you need to know about Microdosing

Let’s look at microdosing LSD as an example. One ‘regular’ dosage of LSD found in a single blotter is ‘typically’ 100- 150mcg. The typical dosage for a microdose of LSD is 5-10mcg, depending on who you are asking. This comparison between a typical blotter and a microdose can give you an idea of how small a microdose of LSD is. A dosage of 5-10mcg of LSD is a non-psychoactive amount, meaning it will not result in a ‘high’, unlike the typical 100-150mcg dosage found in your average blotter of LSD. This means you can take a microdose of LSD and go about your day without experiencing the ‘high’ of a ‘normal’ dosage.

Okay… so you can take a microdose instead of the full dose and go about your day without noticing any high-but why? What is the reason that taking a small amounts of psychedelics before going about your day is receiving all of this hype? According to the experiences of thousands of individuals around the globe, taking a microdosing of psychedelics has a wide range of benefits.

Let’s look into a few key benefits that commonly occur when microdosing psychedelics.

What are some benefits to microdosing? Read the following to explore different all the microdosing benefits!

Microdosing benefit #1 – Focus

One of the main benefits that most microdosers experience is increased focus. Microdosing is known to help you focus on any important task and gain great concentration when completing the task/project. There are many ways to increase focusing abilities by minimizing brain fog. However, you probably never thought of microdosing psychedelics to help, did you? When a micro-amount of a psychedelic is taken, individuals nearly almost always report back that it assisted them in finishing a project in a timely matter as their ability to focus increased on days they microdosed. Some may say the increased focus even helped them complete said task to the best of their abilities! If you have a hard time focusing on assignments and/or other projects, microdosing psychedelics might give your brain that extra stimulation it needs to focus during times when focusing is more difficult.

Microdosing benefit #2 – Creativity

This benefit is most commonly reported by microdosers that are creatives by trade or hobby. Microdosing is a fantastic tool to boost your creativity in many ways. Whether you are an artist, a writer/creator, a musician, etc, microdosing might help you increase your creative abilities. Psychedelics encourage the brain to function in an alternative matter, making creative thinking more accessible and encouraged. Microdosing psychedelics is there for any creative/creator to assist their creativity to flow with greater ease. Microdosing is also known to help creatives get through the very dreaded ‘creative funk’ with more grace and get back into your groove of creating at your fullest potential.

Microdosing benefit #3 – Productivity/Motivation

For those of you who carry out a lot of responsibilities weekly or even daily, microdosing may just be your new best friend! Taking micro-amounts of psychedelics can help you maintain a productive lifestyle. Microdosing is known to give you that ‘get it done’ attitude and make accomplishing tasks feel more effortless. If you lack motivation from your surroundings, it is easy to remain unmotivated, but, what is more unmotivating than being unproductive? I am not sure about you, but I know that when I am leading a more productive life I feel 10x more motivated. These two things, productivity and motivation, go hand in hand. If you need that extra push to get you up to complete your tasks, maybe give microdosing a try and see where it takes you!

Microdosing benefit #4 – Mood Stabilizing

Mood stabilizing – something that most people deal with at some point in their lives. With the modern function of today’s societies, it can be hard to stay positive and keep your head up. With mental illness statistics increasing at alarming rates daily, we certainty are experiencing a mental wellness pandemic. In the fast-paced life that each of us have been involuntarily thrown into, it can seem nearly impossible to boost your mood or at least stabilize it. Microdosing can work wonders on the general ‘mood’ of someone. People everywhere are using microdosing as a tool to boost their spirits. Some microdosers use micro-amounts of psychedelics for this specific benefit. It is most likely safe to say that traditionally prescribed substances have lots of harmful side-effects and many are even addictive! Microdosing is a fantastic alternative for those who have the doctors green light. Microdosing is known to help improve your mood and even subside symptoms of depression.

Microdosing benefit #5 – Cognitive function

Cognitive function is brain-based ‘skill’ which are often needed in the acquisition of knowledge, information/manipulation and, reasoning. You could say cognitive function refers to psychological mental processing. When your cognitive function is improved, you will notice a lot of change. You will probably notice that you find it easier to absorb and store new information that is presented to you. Something else you may also notice is your ability to solve difficult problems will also upgrade. Cognitive function is extremely important and there are many ways to improve it. One of those ways may be via microdosing psychedelics. Taking large amounts of psychedelics has been proven to permanently improve one’s cognitive enhancement. If large amounts of psychedelics can do this, small amounts throughout a long time period most likely can as well. Individuals from all over the world are using microdosing psychedelics to expand their cognitive abilities.

Microdosing benefit #6 – Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity: Your neural network’s ability to change and grow and reorganize. These ‘reorganizations’ and changes range from individual neurons creating new connections in the brain to systematic adjustments. To give an example of neuroplasticity, let’s talk about children vs adults. Children’s brains have crazy neuroplastic capabilities. This is why children are able to listen and learn with a lot more ease than adults. Because a child’s neuroplastic abilities are so high, their brains can absorb information like a sponge. As we grow older, our neuroplastic capabilities decline with the biological age of our brains. Apparently, microdosing psychedelics promote neuroplasticity in the brain of adults. Because microdosing stimulates so many different parts of the brain, expansions of neuroplastic abilities is one of the exciting ways we can benefit from microdosing psychedelics. Microdosing psychedelics encourages neurons to shoot down less worn in pathways in the brain, making it easier to learn, adapt and try new things. A great saying I like to use when explaining neuroplasticity is your brain’s way of ‘thinking outside the box’. Hopefully, as time goes on and microdosing is more normalized in society, more studies will be conducted on how microdosing psychedelics promotes neuroplasticity.

Finding the perfect Microdosing Schedule for YOU

Microdosing schedules differ depending on who you are asking. Finding a microdosing schedule that works best for you entails in a lot of experimentation. Some people have found that microdosing for them is only necessary whilst studying for a big test or when working on a project with an upcoming due date. Some people only microdose when they are looking for that extra boost in creativity when completing a painting or coming up with a creative concept. Some microdose every other day while others microdose only during the week or strictly only on the weekends. It 100% depends on what you are looking for our of your microdosing Journey.

A helpful way to figure out your perfect microdosing schedule accurately and efficiently starts before you even take your first microdose. It is great practice to first evaluate why you want to start microdosing in the first place. Think about why you are doing it before anything. Are you doing it because you have a lot of responsibilities and wish to increase your productivity? Are you microdosing because you want to expand your creative thinking? Are you starting your microdosing journey simply to improve your quality of life and enjoy your time on earth more? No matter why you are choosing to start this journey, first make sure you have a clear motive.

Once you have a clear idea of why it is that you want to start microdosing, reflect that in creating a schedule that you believe will maximize what you get out of your original motive. For example, if you are looking to boost your creativity, it would make sense to microdose on days that you are doing most of your creative tasks. If you just wish to simply better your life and try something new, perhaps try a 1 day on, 3 days off schedule. This 1 day on and 3 days off has become the most popular schedule by far.

When microdosing LSD (for example) you grow a tolerance to it. The same goes for psilocybin mushrooms. This means that microdosing these substances every day will eventually not be as effective. This is why if you wish to microdose regularly, it is important to leave a day or two at least between each microdose. This is a key tip for any new microdosers to get the most out of your microdosing journey.

Finding your schedule is all about you and your lifestyle. If you try out a schedule you believe will work best for you and you can think of ways to improve that schedule by changing it, then change it! Don’t hesitate to change things up to optimize your schedule. Even if you’ve been using the same schedule for years, don’t be afraid to switch it up if you think a change in your schedule will work better! Really play around with it and pay attention to the results of varying schedules and do what you believe is best for you and your microdosing journey.

If you are looking to start microdosing but still have a few questions that haven’t been answered above, feel free to reach out to our team at any time! The best way to reach us with questions is via our email at [email protected], by reaching out on our live chat, or by leaving us a question on our question forum on our home page.

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Microdosing is about you and improving your life through the help of psychedelics. However, at the end of the day, microdosing is about making the world a better place, one microdose at a time. We believe that we can help improve the lives of many around the world via our passion for psychedelics and quality information that will hopefully result in harm reduction. The microdosing community is expanding each day. Even if you do not personally microdose, you can still be a part of this community that is about information and stepping forward as a race. If you have read this whole page about microdosing, then congratulations on informing yourself and, by that, joining this beautiful community.

With all the love and light,

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