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1PD The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer with 60 pills

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1PD The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer may help promote structural neural plasticity.
60 Pills | Vegan

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1PD – The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer may help promote structural neural plasticity.


1PD is an eye-opening new product from Synergy Trading. One tablet a day may help promote neural plasticity and may enhance cognitive function.


Specifically designed for microdosing, 1PD may help improve productivity, mood and creativity on a daily basis.


One pill contains 10mcg of 4R, 7R) -N, N-diethyl-6-methyl-11-propanoyl-6,11-diazatetracyclo [², ⁷.0¹², ¹⁶] hexadeca-1 (15), 2.9,12 (16 ), 13-pentaene-4-carboxamide, this is a ergot based naturally derived compound. Vegan capsules.

60 Pills | Suitable for vegans

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11 reviews for 1PD The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer with 60 pills

  1. Chris J

    My focus has increased within days of starting to microdose. I previously microdosed with mushrooms however these were only available seasonally in the area I live.

  2. Jasminersoucy (verified owner)

    I started using this product once I had enrolled in university and I was blown away by how much the quality of my work improved. My focus has also improved, my energy levels are way up, and my anxiety has gone way down. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who feels brain fog, anxiety, depression, or who just wants to expand their mind.

  3. Ashley Wagandha

    This product is amazing. My ability to handle multiple tasks and work efficiently has increased dramatically. I take just half a tablet though, I feel one tablet is too strong. I can become ‘over focused’. Half is the sweet spot. Or half in the morning and half in the afternoon!

  4. adrian.calandrino (verified owner)

    Amazing complete concentration and productivity could go on and on listings benefits

  5. Barry

    Excellent product. Started on half the progressed to a full dose a day. 3 on 1 off for a couple week now I havnt had anything for over 2 week and still feeling the mood lift nd focus. Great stuff.

  6. T (verified owner)

    Took less than a week to get here. Excellent customer service and responses to emails in minutes. Very impressed

  7. Deee

    Amazing quality, energy and focus. Thank you that this exists!

  8. Mezentius (verified owner)

    The only nootropic I have found to be consistently effective. Half a tablet is fine for me, just a couple of times a week. A subtle boost in drive and an obvious one in creativity. A game changer, I have to admit, which has lifted me out of a rut. I have even started learning a new language.

  9. Diego (verified owner)

    Focus, creativity, and presence. This has helped me stay mindful and energized throughout the day. Great to beat depression, procrastination, and fixed behavioral patterns. Worth it.

  10. Diego (verified owner)

    Powerful nootrotopic. What I most like is the increase in presence, creativity, and focus. Twice a week is great, especially considering that its effects seem to last even after two days after having taken it — but in a more subtle form. Thanks for making it so accessible. 😉

  11. sillcottonfabric (verified owner)

    I’ve been depressed for a long while, got sectioned and had “medication” forced on me for my beliefs and not wanting to be here anymore. You would not believe the side effects profile of some of the “medication” they make you eat, or if you don’t eat the pills, you’re pinned down, put in a submission hold and injected :s to keep you sedated, docile, uninspired, unable to think straight, memory loss, you name it. I was on one that had a side of effect of “sudden unexplained death”. Wtf?! Does that sound like medicine to you? The drugs they hammer you with are basically neurotoxins that shut down parts of your brain and “balance” others. I’ve been out of hospital a while now and was curious about microdosing and the benefits of much less damaging chemicals, that don’t have a list of nasty side effects longer than my arm that actually allow you to think, improve your energy levels and actually inspire. I found it here. This stuff is the tits as far as I’m concerned as I’ve noticed over the time I’ve been taking it the quality of my life has improved and continues to. Can’t recommend this stuff enough. It’s helped me no end and I’m sure it can help others too. Great company, great stuff that’s evoked a feeling of wanting to stick around in this world. 10/10

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