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1PD The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer

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1PD The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer may help promote structural neural plasticity. 30 Pills | Vegan

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1PD – The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer may help promote structural neural plasticity.


1PD is an eye-opening new product from Synergy Trading. One tablet a day may help promote neural plasticity and may enhance cognitive function.


Specifically designed for microdosing, 1PD may help improve productivity, mood and creativity on a daily basis.


One pill contains 10mcg of 4R, 7R) -N, N-diethyl-6-methyl-11-propanoyl-6,11-diazatetracyclo [², ⁷.0¹², ¹⁶] hexadeca-1 (15), 2.9,12 (16 ), 13-pentaene-4-carboxamide, this is a ergot based naturally derived compound.

30 Pills | Suitable for vegans

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30 Capsules within container

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4 reviews for 1PD The Ultimate Cognitive Enhancer

  1. Yannis (verified owner)

    Ok… I wasn’t sure what to expect with microdosing and if this product would be real.This product is real and I wanna thank you guys for giving us access to this unique medicine weighted and pure for microdosing.The pills are tabs and not capsules which is good because they are really tiny and can be cut in half if you don’t like taking 10microgramms which is per pill.The product helped me so much with my anxiety, creativity and made my life more meaningful, I feel more alive.I take 5mcg everyday , 10 mcg are a little bit too much for me but I take the full pill sometimes with two days off.For sure I will buy again.Thank you so much, this is the future.

  2. Elle

    As someone who struggles with fatigue due to being in recovery from a liver transplant and on strong medications to suppress my immune system, I was recommended these, to increase my energy levels. I’ve only tried half a tablet so far but was impressed by the increase in motivation, creativity, productivity and enthusiasm for life. I would estimate a five hour build time so taking at lunchtime meant I struggled to sleep but still had some interesting ideas. Based on recommendations I am now waiting three days before taking anymore and have had a slight drop in mood – almost a down – but that could just be due to the fatigue hitting me hard again after that initial high. As someone who lack energy almost constantly this helped focus my mind and the only concern I would have would be long term effects of taking something this mind and energy altering. However – a life like the one I lead you don’t know how long you have, you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and wouldn’t you live best life now?

  3. Phil Jones

    These had no noticable effect on me.

  4. sillcottonfabric

    This product is something else. Subtle but still prominent. It’s like an added sparkle and appreciation? It’s hard to describe but cognitively I feel different and more energised. My days have been getting better and my interactions with others and way I think about the rest of the world and my life have been subtly uplifted. I’m really happy a friend recommended them to me, just as I am recommending anyone looking for something similar in their lives. They are a great supplement and addition to anyone’s day you probably won’t find anywhere else. The staff that do the work went over and above the call of duty to sort out a delivery issue I had. Very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the company and product. The staff were so polite during my interactions with them. Leaving me a happy and satisfied man. Nothing but positivity, for the company, the people who work there, the work they do and how I feel in myself and for my future.
    A massive thank you.

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